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I’m Danielle French. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, writer, and podcaster. I left the city (Toronto) with my four young daughters and moved to a farm in Pontypool, Ontario. I founded a business from our farm, called South Pond Farms, a destination for authentic culinary experiences, weddings, and homemade food products. I hosted a Television series Taste of the Country formerly on Netflix and now on Apple TV. 

My girls grew up, I sold the farm and now live in a smaller community in a modern house with my dogs and partner Shawn. 

Here on my substack, I share my experiences about all the things I love: cooking, entertaining, decorating, entrepreneurship, mothering four adult daughters, playing pickleball and exploring. I’ve written three small format books based on menus and cooking from scratch and I consult for others wanting to start their own event businesses. 

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I’ve been writing stories for over 10 years and this platform just seems like a lovely way to connect more meaningfully with my readers. 

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South Pond Home, started by Danielle French, is a Canadian lifestyle brand which embodies simple living, female entrepreneurship, creating beautiful spaces, delicious foods and connecting people through gatherings and events.